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  Fujian Jingtai Equipment Manufacturing Co. Ltd.,(Former: Jingtai Machinery Technology(QUANZHOU) Co., Ltd.) established in July 2002, located in Quanzhou City, is an all-in-one high-tech enterprise that specializes in research & development, sales and services of hot melt glue coating system.

  The company has a strong R&D team and domestic advanced manufacturing equipment, devoted to provide customers service and support from consulting, design, manufacturing, full scale sales and technical support. Jingtai has the first-tier talent in the areas of domestic mechanic design, manufacture, automatic control and inspection equipment to ensure a solid foundation for the continuous growth in quality and innovation. Through the years of relentless effort, Jingtai is proud to launch a series of high quality semi-automatic and fully automated equipment that are suitable for a wide variety of industries such as packaging (carton packaging, cigarette case, wine boxes, gift boxes, glasses boxes, craft boxes, jewelry boxes, PVC/PET boxes, and colored boxes dispensing glue), automotive industry (interior seal, lamp manufacturing, windshield assembly, etc.), air filter, non-woven composites, shoe material bonding, printing, coating composite, product assembly (home appliances, furniture, home paste, wire and cable), books and other fields of binding industry.

  Our mission is “relentless exploration, continuous innovation, work with integrity, seek for truth”, and quality principle is “standardized management, manufacture with passion, top-notch quality, ultimate service”. With the management culture and value of pursuit and create for innovation, value, and excellence, Jingtai was able to obtain “ISO9001:2008 international quality certification and the EU CE qualification. Through the standardized management model, Jingtai strives to continue and improve to fulfill the social environmental responsibility. We view quality as the life of the company; from raw material to finished product, Jingtai has developed a rigorous quality control system to prevent any unqualified product leaving the facility. Through all the years of effort, Jingtai brand has established great reputation domestic and abroad.

  Jingtai continues to aim for “seamless management, seamless service”, with many service branches and after-sale service support network in China and overseas to provide faster response, personalized product and one-stop service to our clients.

  Let us work hand-in-hand for a brighter and greater future!

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Factory Add: Overseas Chinese Economic Development Zone, Quanzhou, Fujian, China
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