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Our company was established in April 2005, is a professional production of hot melt adhesive spraying equipment high-tech enterprise, has engaged in a hot melt adhesive spraying equipment research, design and development team of professionals. After years of effort, has launched a series of high-quality hot melt adhesive coating machine. Widely used in shoes, clothing, packaging, coating composite, industrial, electronics, automotive, printing, disposable hygiene product line and other industries.

We uphold: 'unremitting exploration, to innovation, integrity and professionalism, beautiful only real' work objectives; 'standard management, careful manufacturing, quality oriented, dedicated service "quality policy; the pursuit of excellence, innovation and value. Thailand's ongoing efforts to fine obtained "ISO9001: 2000 international quality certification." Fine Thai company management more standardized, in order to improve social and environmental responsibility to do, in two years, the company plans to double the size of the company, now Chengpin group of technical, management, sales staff work hard together to develop.


Salary: salary, wages and salaries to take a unified system, the length of service awards, full attendance award are wages paid on 20th of each month on time.


        1, in the company's employees to do one year, can enjoy a birthday cake to show congratulations.
        2, every May Day Festival, National Day and other traditional folk festivals and major national legal holiday, the organization paid staff outings or holiday items, statutory holidays shall be paid leave.
        3, the company has a staff canteen and dormitory, the dormitory is equipped with water heaters, air conditioning and other facilities. Accommodation convenient.
        4 companies to apply for social security doctors.
        5, the system's 8-hour six days.

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